Welcome to Millustrator!

Know What You Are Buying

Thanks for visiting Millustrator and if you are thinking about buying our files then please read this so you know what you are actually buying. As designers, we don't support copyright infringement. So the first thing you have to understand is that we are not the copyright holders of military emblems and the majority of the images here. To use them you need to receive permissions from the DoD and the respective branches. For the most part, it's very easy to get licensing permissions. You are buying mathematical points (anchor points) that we have built. You are not buying the permission to use the graphics as you see fit.

This is a vectorizing service only and in no way implies permission to use the posted images. There are created images that we have made though and they are noted in the description of the product the usage rights. Please take note of those product descriptions so you understand the entirety of what you are purchasing. The intent is to save you time from having to create vector images for your project and to save you time. Buy our files instead of creating new ones. You can use the files as much as you want once you purchase them. They will be in your account once you successfully make a purchase.

We ask that you don't share our files. We aren't charging a ton of money for them and are trying to reasonably sell our time. We ask that you respect our work and not to pirate our stuff. If you can't afford our work then you might want to rethink your business model. It's priced well below fair market value.

File Use

Our files are for commercial or personal use. You may not resell or repackage Millustrator files at any time. You only need to purchase 1 instance of a design and use it as many times as you want. If you appreciate the value that we bring to your projects and want to purchase multiple copies as a tip, we thank you. Simply put, don't resell our files, but use them all you want for projects, banners, or whatever your needs are.