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Creating High Quality Military Vector Art

  • Vector Art Requests, More Common Now

    SOJTF-AI used to just convert emblems in to vector art as I had time or ones I thought were really cool. That's time consuming and often times, a gamble. It's difficult to churn out pieces that people actually want or need. I stopped spending hours tracing just to add inventory for people and let the requests come by email instead.

    You might have noticed all of this already and from time to time see odd pieces enter the store. That is the result of this approach. If you are looking for a particular piece on the internet and come up empty handed, you might want to send it over to me and let me take a shot at it. You won't be charged an outrageous price or even an hourly charge. Most of the time I just put it in the store, let you know it's there, and hope other people will buy it too. That's how I justify my time. I am able to sell the design to multiple people and in exchange my 5-6 hours is not for a meager $10 sale. Continue reading

  • One Layer or Multiple in Vector Art

    Single or Multiple Vector Art LayersThe question I often get from illustrators is how many layers should a design be? That's a tricky question. I build almost all of my complicated vector art projects in multiple layers. For example, the highly detailed F-16 I have with weapons loaded took a very long time and I think I used about 8 layers. I can bring them down into 1 layer, but it's complex and I want to show my work. I suppose it's a very personal type of preference more than an industry standard.

    I look at it like a math problem, so I always show my work. I also try to get to the answer with as few steps as possible. That allows me to develop a very "clean" type of file. I hate seeing vector art with thousands of points when it could have been done with hundreds instead. It looks sloppy and I refuse to accept that as a final project. Continue reading

  • Building Millustrator and Expanding the Catalog

    Building a Vector Art CatalogBuilding Millustrator was quite the event back in 2008 when I sought to do more with the designs I was creating. I fell in love with Adobe Illustrator CS1 and haven't stopped since. Often I spend my day either creating in Illustrator or Fireworks and some of the time those designs make it into the Millustrator catalog. I truly try to reserve any addition to my top-tier level work that can be adapted into your project.

    How I choose which designs I do can be a tough one, but I try to create the vector art that makes sense and would be used often. I try to stay away from the fringe squadron emblems or something that probably won't ever get used. From time to time though I will find something I really like or someone asked me to do and I will create a very high-quality vector from it and it will end up in the store. Continue reading

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